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As the name suggests, your Behavior Score is a metric that keeps track of your Dota 2 in-game behavior. It is similar to the grading system of your school/college. So if you score or behave well in-game, then you’ll be rewarded with a better Behavior Score.

 A toxic player who shouts at their teammate or abuses them will be penalized with a negative Behavior Score in Dota 2, while a friendly and nice player will have an positive Behavior Score. 

While it’s not entirely clear how this matrix is calculated, it’s most likely generated as the result of your Report and Commendation ratio.

 Dota 2 Behavior Score is used to match users when they enter their queues. Accordingly, toxic players will join teammates with similar conduct.

What Is a Good Behavior Score in Dota 2?

Your Behavior Score in DotA 2 gets generated according to your conduct summary. Maximum Behavior Score is 10,000. Where a well-behaved player should have a 7,500+ Behavior Score, in order to match with decent players with lesser toxic behavior.

If your Behavior Score is below that, you’ll probably start seeing more players with the same Behavior Score, which means more toxic games and more cancer players.

How to Raise Your Behavior Score in Dota 2

There are no quick ways for you to improve your Behavior Score. Other users commend or report you according to your in-game performance or your in-game behavior.

However, you generally need to treat your teammates nicely in order to increase your Behavior Score. You’ll have to control all your negative emotions and keep away from taking it all out on your teammates.

The easiest way to increase your Behavior Score, as well as your MMR, is to limit your speaking time. Only use your mic/chat while making calls instead of engaging in blaming and flaming your teammates. When your teammates are tense and stressed because of the ongoing game, it’s best to not annoy them. On the other hand, when your team members are talkative, make sure to pitch in and leave a nice impression.

Another thing to remember is to adulate your teammates when they effectively lead your team to a successful gank or perform kills. Try not to trust that different players will praise your teammates. Be the first to do it by just composing “great job.” They will see the value in it and may even send you a commendation after the game.

It’s also useful to react properly to disagreements or harassment on your team. Use your best judgment by either responding to the issue or ignoring it altogether. For example, you can speak up or contact the victim and see if they are okay. Additionally, make sure to report other players for hostility, even if it’s not directed at you.

You can either pass all these hurdles or just place your order to improve your Behavior Score and let our experts do the job for you. Because we know the do’s and don’ts of everything at

Be Nice to Your Teammates

A low Behavior Score could be the fundamental motivation behind why you might have been collaborating with poisonous Dota players as of late. Fortunately, presently you know how to check your conduct score and make a move to further develop it.

Generally speaking, don’t be forceful to different clients – show inspiration, be thoughtful, and report provocation, regardless of whether you’re the person in question or one of your teammates.

Over the long haul, your rating will improve, and you’ll begin seeing more amiable players in your matches.

What’s your Dota 2 conduct score? Have you taken a stab at raising it? How hard is it to keep up with your self-control during a match? Let us know in the comments below! 

Raise Your Dota 2 Behavior Score

Having a good Behavior Score in DOTA 2 is really something every player must consider whenever they would indulge in playing multiple games a day.

Because if you have a bad Behavior Score, it can really affect how you can progress in the game – being banned from playing ranked isn’t so good, right?

But worry no more as we can enlighten you on how to have a good Behavior Score in DOTA 2.

Behavior Score Boost Dota 2

Actually, raising your Behavior Score is really simple to do, but quite hard to accomplish sometimes.

You just need to play with the best behavior a player can exemplify in DOTA 2. It includes avoiding rude comments or words during a game, preventing unintentional or intentional feeding, or just the ways that can get you prevented from being reported by your teammates.

Sounds simple, right? But of course, there could be times where emotions can get a hold of you during a game.

So, it is best that you are in your most composed condition before entering a game. Because if you are not in the right mood and something would come up in the actual game, it may drive you to some unseen circumstances involving your overall behavior as a player.

Also, treat every game as if you would seriously enter into a battle. Although having a positive mindset no matter what the outcome is will definitely make your gaming experience better.

But as others would say, just enjoy the game no matter if you win or lose. Losing a game or match in DOTA 2 is part of the process, anyway.

And that’s it! Follow us for more DOTA 2 guides like this one.

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Behavior Score Boosting Dota 2

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