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Dota 2 lp Removal Service

Stuck in dota 2 low priority ? Don’t worry we are here to save your day!. We understand how frustrating it can be by playing with the other low priority players. That’s why MMR-Boost is providing dota 2 low priority removal services. Don’t waste your precious time in these matches, Our experts will remove your low priority games within a day, Usually it takes 4 to 5 hours to remove 5 low priority games.

* The offer is exceptionally simple to utilize low priority game removal services. Simply put in your request and our expert boosters will get your request and complete the low priority wins quickly by any means.

Crucial Information about Dota 2 Low priority removal

* Allow us to assist you with your Dota 2 Low Priorities, our professional booster can clear them for yourself and don’t burn through any time.

* Usually it takes 4 to 5 hours to finish 5 low priority games but if you have more than five low priority games we will finish them in 6 to 12 hours after your purchase. 

What is Dota 2 Low Priority?

Low priority is a temporary game punishment, which occurs due to abandoning the game or receiving an exceptional amount of reports. For that you have to play single draft mode and you have to win a certain amount of games i.e 2-4 games in this mode only. That’s why MMR Boost is here to help you win these games, we are her for you so,order now and get rid of your dota 2 low priority games.

* Another important thing is your dota conduct summary which is based on your last 25 games, So if your conduct summary is bad it is more likely to happen that you will be queued with the same conduct summary players i.e 7000 conduct summary. Valve has specially designed this punishment in order to make dota 2 community friendly.

For what reasons does lp occur?

* Suppose that if you are playing with your friends as a party of 5 and one abandons it, the more likely thing which can happen to you is that you will get low priority as well or you will not be able to play for a certain period of time i.e 30-60 min time ban. It also affects your conduct summary.

* Another way of getting yourself into dota 2 low priority is feeding your courier or hero to the enemy heros.

* Being reported by players in the game by using abusive language.

* Extensive afk in game or in other words not playing the game while you are in game.

* Lastly, abandoning the game is one of the main reasons for getting yourself into low priority games.

Did you have any idea that you will not get any items or accomplishments while you have Dota 2 Low Priority?

* No items will be dropped after the game if you are in a low priority game.

* Your quests cannot be completed if you are in lp. i.e Dota plus quests.

* Seasonal rewards or events cannot be queued if you are in low priority.

* Cannot play with other modes of the game since you are in dota 2 low priority.

How can MMR-BOOST help you?

* MMR-BOOST is providing the best Dota 2 boosting services. Our services include lp removal, dota 2 boost, dota 2 duo boost, dota 2 coaching, dota 2 behaviour score boost and many more. We provide boosting services globally.

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Dota 2 Low Priority Removal

Only ways you can remove this pusnishment by winning 5 LP games.

There are a few things you can do to make the experience quicker and easier though:

  • Bring friends: This is the single most important thing. LP is full of the toxic, awful dregs that have been quarantined from the normal Dota 2 community – you want to minimize the number of these rejects on your team. Your friends will need to be relatively good. (because you get really good players in LP, that just happen to be toxic), and they need to know how to play a broad range of heroes. (because it’s single draft, so you can’t guarantee your heroes).
  • Be nice: Don’t be the scum that surrounds you in LP. You’re swimming in a sea of bullshit and toxicity; be a friendly rock that it breaks against, rather than becoming part of the current. This will minimize the number of reports you pick up, which cuts down your chance of getting hit with more LP matches.
  • Don’t abandon: 2 LP abandons resets your match count back to 5. Just don’t leave the games until it’s safe, no matter how bad it gets.
  • Pick pub-stomp heroes: If you happen to get a hero that can snowball and win games 1v5, pick them! LP is a wild, lawless place, and typically the enemy team won’t have the coordination to shut down these types of heroes (assuming you can play them well, of course). I’d rather play 1 protect 4 and absolutely crush the mid/late game than win the early game, fail to convert it to objectives (because, remember, your team are uncoordinated toxic trash), and throw the game away…. because I can almost guarantee that’s what will happen.


The easiest avenue though, by far, is not to get to LP in the first place. When you enter a game, if you know you’re the type of player that will flame and pick up reports, or gets easily tilted, just mute everyone. Seriously, I would much rather have a silent player than one that constantly flames. It’ll be better for the team, better for you, and you probably won’t pick up the reports that got you shunted to LP in the first place.